Welcome to ShareTech


Taichung-based ShareTech provides intelligent network security and data protection solutions that allow industries, education institutions, and government to connect and collaborate securely.


Founded in 1999, ShareTech initially focused on selling IP routers. As IT networks grow in complexity, ShareTech expanded its business focus to information security and aimed to provide more affordable and reliable IT products for any size organization. ShareTech provides intelligent network security and data protection solutions that allow industries, education institutions, and the government to connect and collaborate securely. In 2016, ShareTech cooperated with one of the best Taiwan global brands - ZyXEL, to provide more products and value-added technical support for domestic distributors and businesses.



ShareTech's Product offerings include the following:


Next-Gen UTM (NU Series)

ShareTech next-generation UTM products can provide consolidated security, such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, URL filtering, Sandstorm, etc. DPI-based application control, role-based management, SSL inspection, web filtering, QoS, and integrated third-party authentication services to prevent unauthenticated access and malicious activities. Moreover, high availability (HA) ensures to operate continuously and dependably without failing. The NU Series delivers high-performance and intelligent protection to SMBs, large enterprises, government units and service providers.


Internal Firewall (INF Series)

ShareTech internal firewall, as second-tier protection, can improve the cyber security and resilience of essential divisions, server groups, or intranet sections in an organization. It is a security solution designed to protect against attacks that might have already passed the perimeter. The internal firewall restricts traffics moving laterally across the network based on additional pre-defined security policies (IPS and Sandstorm) to keep an organization’s intranet safe from unauthorized access, malicious traffic, and intrusion attempts.  


Hardware-Based and Software-Based Mail Server (MS Series)

ShareTech mail server solution aims at four security aspects: email security, record-based backup, auditing, and individual Webmail. To empower businesses with a higher level of email protection, storage-based Sandstorm is supported to detect unknown malware; spam filtering integrated with ShareTech shared spam signatures mechanism can reach higher accuracy and lower misjudgment rate. SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication are supported to detect senders’ anomaly behaviors to mitigate the risks of being targeted by phishing scams, spoofing, and ransomware. Moreover, Webmail can sync with Outlook contacts and Google Calendar. Subsystems such as cloud drive, bulletin board, and business team chat are structured and unified in a single platform. ShareTech provides a secure, reliable, and easy-to-maintain mail server solution for any size of business.


Mail Archive (MA Series)

ShareTech mail archive highlights three specialties: complete email data, flexible email backup, and instant email recovery. It is designed to make complete back up of the content and attachments of incoming and outgoing emails, and data is stored locally using encryption in the mail archive. Users can search their historical email by filtering conditions on the personal web interface. Outlook plugin is also designed to make searching emails in ShareTech mail archive quick and convenient. Businesses can manage risks and maintain compliance by storing data securely in different geographical locations. Suppose important emails are accidentally deleted or lost; users can restore all the emails to the original account via a personal web interface, which is the best backup mechanism when the mail server is unavailable.


OT Security (OTS Series)

As for OT, traditionally associated with manufacturing and industrial environments, ShareTech provides black/white listening to secure remote access allowing users to access industrial equipment without being on-premises. To avoid blurred edges between IT and OT, the OPC instruction prevention mechanism is supported to ensure industrial devices and applications have secure communications. Moreover, virtual patching provides the timeliest vulnerability protection across various endpoints. Most importantly, ShareTech cloud-based service system allows administrators to optimize the OT network on a single platform.