Mail Archive

Email is widely used as a business communication tool, yet cybercriminals often exploit its vulnerabilities to launch attacks. Spam and ransomware emails are estimated to cost the industry more than $1 billion annually. Many businesses are threatened with the reputation-killing publication of sensitive data if they don't pay the ransom. Thus, companies may make the transition to cloud-based email services for easier data accessibility and more cost saving. However, storing your emails and sensitive data in the cloud may cause legal and security concerns.

ShareTech announced a new product line - Mail Archive (MA) in 2017, featuring email security, audit archive, big data analytics, and cloud backup. Multi-layered spam filters, email firewall, and dual anti-virus engines from ClamAV and Kaspersky reduce vulnerabilities to the latest cyberattacks. Auditing policies based on business-related rules can be applied to inbound and outbound email messages. And big data analytics includes email resume, association graph, total mailing, and working hours analytics. Administrators can monitor each user's behavior to pick up overall trends. Most important of all, MA supports cloud-based storage services and hybrid cloud architectures, integrating Gmail and Office 365 to give businesses greater flexibility in storing data securely in different geographic locations.

ShareTech MA Series Specialties

  • Provides businesses with stable, secure, and unlimited storage
  • Supports MariaDB and MySQL databases
  • Users can delete email messages after archiving to free up storage space to maintain server performance.
  • Provides email data loss prevention by currently filtering email bodies and attachments
  • Backs up all emails to prevent users from accidentally deleting any important email message
  • Archives email from cloud-based Office365 and Gmail
  • Ensures businesses are in full regulatory compliance with personal data protection
  • Quickly recovery for emails that might have been accidentally deleted using personal backup
  • Provides a web-based interface that allows users to log in from anywhere to search for email archives

ShareTech MA Series Features

  • Get rid of the inaccessibility issue of PST files (Outlook) and archive all email messages in case your server is damaged or stolen
  • Provides a web-based interface that can recover deleted emails via personal inbox MyMail
  • Frees up storage space and takes offsite data backup at the same time
  • Optimizes exchange operations
  • Brings down IT costs and server load; simplifies backup and restoration
  • Helps businesses comply with ISO BS7799 and Personal Data Protection Act.
  • Provides a fast file search for emails and attachments.

Spam, Virus and Ransomware Prevention

Powerful and accurate spam filter intercepts all emails containing suspicious content and attachments. Fully integrated with two antivirus engines, Clam AV and Kaspersky, MA helps the business achieve a higher level of security.

Email Compliance

We help businesses to ensure they are in full compliance with regulations, e.g., Personal Data Protection Act, and ISO27001. MA is an essential tool to secure and protect confidential business information properly.

Complete Storage

Preserve your business data with MA. It will automatically back up and archive all inbound and outbound email messages.

Cloud Email Backup

MA helps many businesses keep vital data safe since some do not store their email backup locally. Instead, they store it on a portable external hard drive or flexible cloud storage.

Email Loss Prevention

If sensitive data such as quotations, financial reporting, and medical records get deleted by malicious people, users can retrieve their archived email via MyMail without consulting their administrator.

Continuous Operation

If your mail server fails due to an unexpected accident, you can still receive your email using MyMail from the web-based interface.

User-Defined Permissions

Level permissions can be assigned and altered to appropriate roles such as administrator, inquirer, and user based on their responsibilities and qualifications.

Expandable Storage

MA supports MySQL and MariaDB, allowing data backup on external storage devices. Administrators can have unlimited storage space and search through archived emails on a single interface.

Fast Search Engine

MA has a powerful search engine displaying search results within seconds. Users can look up archives using search conditions, including senders, recipients, subject, content, date, etc.

Email Resume (Optional-MA 100)

MA presents an email resume in a tree diagram with a timeline so that users can understand the status of an archived email. Managers can also use the feature for employee performance evaluation.

Email Data Analytics (Optional)

Conducts user behavior analysis, including association graph, abnormal email traffic, working hours graph, etc. Through data analysis, managers will further understand internal email usage.