The importance of wireless networks in the workplace grows every day. In the past, having a wired online platform to operate on was a luxury to a business. Today, it is a necessity for any reputable company or enterprise to be able to connect wirelessly at any location and at any time. As the demand grows, wireless networking becomes the core of today's business mobility strategy. However, every new device with access to the company network is a risk. Companies must have a solid, secure wireless infrastructure to gain the most from mobility services. ShareTech WF Series is a solution that unifies the wired and wireless networks to provide SMBs a secure and manageable platform and help ensure that the wireless network performs to the same standards as the wired network.

Integrated with ShareTech wireless access points, WF Series can rapidly set up an overall system architecture for seamless wired-to-wireless integration. The series provides perimeter security such as firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, app access control, URL filter, bulletin board, authentication, QoS, VPN, and SSL VPN. With ShareTech WF Series, business can lower wireless deployment and reach the following targets in their entire network distribution.

  • Target 1. Stop DOS attacks

DDoS attacks consume resources because hackers can simply use the "approved" protocol (HTTP in this case) to carry their attack traffic. ShareTech WF Series provides anomaly-detection mechanism against ICMP-Flood, UDP-Flood, and TCP-SYN-Flood.

  • Target 2. Wireless AP Management

ShareTech UTM can be a unified platform to control and manage deployed wireless access points. They appear in the UTM user interface, administrators can easily monitor and manage operation (functioning or malfunction), change the SSID password, uploading/downloading flow, and concurrent and history users on every AP (MAC address included).

  • Target 3. Multiple SSID VLAN with wireless isolation

ShareTech WF Series provide 6 SSIDs and manages wireless networks competently. Different SSIDs and wireless devices are totally isolated from each other with individual security settings. Using different wireless security protocols (WPA/WPA2) to encrypt your private data as it is being transmitted and supporting hidden SSID function can both improve network security from emerging risks and make your wireless network highly reliable.

  • Target 4. Seamless wireless coverage

Building a Wi-Fi network that delivers uninterrupted coverage to mobile or “roaming” devices can be a significant challenge—especially as coverage requirements increase. Integrated with wireless access points, ShareTech WF series provides a seamless roaming experience that a mobile client can move AP to AP without experiencing a disruption in network-aware applications.

  • Target 5. Support multiple wireless encryption and authentication

The wireless network is secured by using client authentication methods, WPA-PSK & WPA2-PSK on ShareTech WF Series. Router-based encryption such as TKIP, AES, and TKIP+AES are provided as well for optional security.

  • Target 6. Guest access authentication

In addition to wireless encryption and authentication mentioned above, ShareTech WF Series can authenticate users via Radius and block unauthorized access. By supporting the use of POP3, Radius, and AD servers, IT administrators can customize the sign-in page, edit the page using web page editor, and upload related files to the interface.  

  • Target 7. Control over online behaviors

Wireless isolation within SSID is to provide different levels of Internet access for users in general office, high-security offices, visitor areas, lobbies, and other meeting areas for most companies. Since guest access is often one of the first requirements for a wireless network, it is important to prevent causing a security breach into an internal network. ShareTech WF Series controls guest access to increases network security through authentication and policy control, monitor wireless usage over real-time logging.

  • Target 8. Control web applications and flows proactively

To prevent data leakage and ensure regulatory compliance, the access to applications which are unrelated to works should be controlled during working hours. ShareTech WF Series protects against packet-injection attacks by checking several components of TCP and UDP sessions and blocks message or file sharing via P2P applications (Thunder, Bt), Instant Messaging (Yahoo, ICQ/AIM, QQ, Skype), VOIP, WEB, WebMail(Gmail, Hotmail) and gaming (PPStream, PPlive), etc.