Zyxel Wireless Access Points

In today’s interactive environment, maintaining an engaging customer connection is essential for ensuring high-levels of customer service delivery—and satisfaction. Gone are the days of rigid communications, latency, and slow responses. To enable more dynamic and seamless communications, many companies are turning to wireless LANs to instantly connect, engage, and win customers.

Many SMBs are improving their infrastructure and equipment to enable wireless communications. Yet, wireless networks are far from perfect and there are a number of disadvantages that an individual or organization may face when using a wireless network. For examples, wireless networks are typically slower than wired networks, the coverage of a wireless network is limited, wireless networks are extremely susceptible to interference. Therefore, one way for SMBs to attract and retain customers is to deliver seamless communications to improve customer engagement and to maintain an enduring connection.

In the Gigabit era in Wi-Fi connectivity, upgrading to the 802.11ac standard represents the next step in wireless evolution. While 802.11n operates on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band, 802.11ac utilizes the 5 GHz band, and the higher frequency of wireless signals adds up to shorter ranges. ZyXEL Access Point upgrades to the next step, 802.11ac and demonstrates how the ZyXEL Smart Antenna overcomes wireless dead zones by adaptively adjusting antenna patterns to fit a variety of wireless environments. It is designed for indoor medium density venues such as small and mid-size businesses, schools, hospitals, hotels, (metro) stations, airports, factories, warehouses to offer greater coverage and performance over existing networks, making ZyXEL’s APs the ultimate one-to-one AP upgrade choice.

To meet this enormous demand, ShareTech imports various types of ZyXEL APs including standalone/unified APs, indoor/ceiling-mount/wall-mount/outdoor APs, single/dual-band APs, PoE APs, multiple SSIDs and central AP management.

ShareTech expects to reach four aims for deploying wireless networks within small and mid-sized businesses:
I. The popularity of the Hi-Fi increases saturation in wireless environment

As smartphone and iPad type devices have widely spread all over the world, Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up in cities. More and more Wi-Fi services are provided in public places such as airports, restaurants, and hospitals. Furthermore, a WLAN enables staff to improve their interaction with customers by maintaining contact wherever they are in the office. Deploying your own wireless network environment is far more cost-effective than current 3G/4G services and has become a standard part of business networks.

II. ZyXEL ONE Network experience

Aiming for relieving our customers from repetitive operations of deploying and managing a network, ZyXEL ONE Network is designed to simplify the configuration, management, and troubleshooting, allowing our customers to focus on the business priorities. ZyXEL ONE Network presents an easy-to-use tool, ZyXEL ONE Network Utility (ZON Utility), to realize speed network setup. ZyXEL Smart Connect allows ZyXEL networking equipment to be aware and recognize each other and further facilitating the network maintenance via one-click remote functions such as factory reset or power cycling. ZyXEL ONE Network redefines the network integration across multiple networking products from switch to Wi-Fi AP and to Gateway.

III. UTM centralizes wireless management and security

ShareTech UTM can be a unified platform to control and manage deployed wireless access points. They appear in the UTM user interface, administrators can easily monitor and manage operation (functioning or malfunction), change the SSID password, uploading/downloading flow, and concurrent and history users on every AP (MAC address included).

IV. Eye Cloud management
Eye Cloud is a next-gen cloud service platform providing a user-friendly interface to support instant equipment maintenance and centralized management of multiple ShareTech UTMs, mail servers, Wireless APs, and switches. Eye Cloud Management (ECM) provides simplify administration, real-time monitoring for the availability of network devices, logging, and reporting capability. For SMBs, administrators can login the system using IP address and perform direct management, view event messages in Syslog format, and prevent disaster situation from happening on the interface.

When anomaly occurs, administrators will be notified of the problem. Configuration files can be automatically saved at schedule for disaster recovery. Furthermore, scheduled reports will be distributed. Users can get immediate technical support when emergencies arise. It is the best cloud management platform that achieves maximum efficiency and creates win-win situations for both system service providers and users.