ShareTech Mail Archive Server is a multifunctional device with features such as email security, email archiving, email auditing, email recording, behavior analysis, and a personal archive interface. ShareTech MA Series offers 3 models, covering user environments ranging from 200-2,000. MA-200 is at the entry level of the series line and is ideal for small offices, retail locations, and similar environments with less than 200 users.


MA-200 features front-end gate protection (anti-virus, anti-spam, proactive audit, ransomware protection) and back-end auditing capabilities (post-mail audit, email record, email archive, and email resume). With a single device, it can meet the email management needs of most small and medium businesses. In addition to basic recording and backups, it provides a comprehensive internal-external and external-internal audit mechanism for reviewing users' sent and received emails.



Spam, Virus, and Ransomware Prevention


ShareTech features the industry's most accurate and robust spam engine, coupled with content and attachment threat detection. With dual antivirus engines (ClamAV and Kaspersky), MA-200 significantly enhances business security.

Email Compliance with Regulations


MA-200 helps companies comply with email and personal data regulations such as ISO27001. It assists in retaining email records, providing digital evidence to reduce legal risks.


100% Complete Email Archiving 


MA-200 archives all inbound and outbound emails within the company.

Cloud Email Backup


For many businesses using external or cloud servers for email, effective email backup is crucial to avoid operational challenges due to data loss.


Email Loss Prevention


If sensitive data such as quotations, financial reports, and medical records get deleted maliciously, users can retrieve their archived emails via My Mail without consulting their administrators

Continuous Operation


In case the server fails, users can still receive emails through My Mail via the web.


Role-Based Permissions


Level permissions can be assigned and altered to appropriate roles such as Admin, Inquirer, and User based on their responsibilities and qualifications.

Expandable Storage


MA-200 supports MySQL and MariaDB, allowing data backup on external storage devices. Administrators can have unlimited storage space and search through archived emails on a single interface.



Fast Search Engine


MA-200 has a powerful search engine that displays search results within seconds. Users can look up archives based on sender, recipient, subject, content, attachment, date, etc.


Email Resume (Optional)


MA-200 presents an email resume in a tree diagram with a timeline so that users can grasp the beginning and end of email threads. Supervisors can utilize the feature to assess employee performance.



Email Big Data Analysis (Optional) 


MA-200 can conduct behavior analysis, including Association Graph, Total Mailing, and Working Hour. Through data analysis, supervisors can gain deeper insights into the employees' email usage.