OT Security Solutions

The Security Solution Dedicated to Industrial System

For most people, the internet is a virtual concept. We could barely be aware of its value. However, in those ages that the internet had not been invented, letters were the essential material for communicating. Along with the development of the internet, no matter when and where we are, messages can be sent instantly. Nowadays, with communication software like LINE, WhatsApp, and Skype, the physical distance is no longer a problem.

IT Mindset vs. OT Mindset

With the rapid development of the internet, many industries have enormous progress; IoT (Internet of Things) is one of them. IoT applies in person, family, city, and even industrial area. Another way to interpret IoT, we will consider it as the combination of IT and OT. Most people are more familiar with IT. It controls the behaviors of humans, for example, application and URL control, QoS, and authentication. The IT environment often relies on gateway security products like firewalls, UTM, Next-Gen UTM, load balancer, IPS to defense the external attacks to protect ERP systems, NAS, etc.

When it comes to the OT environment, everything is different. It takes charge of manufacturing equipment and makes sure the production lines work stably. When the insecure and vulnerable enterprise network combines with the OT system, it will let the OT environment under the risk of cyberthreat. All the penetrations and attacks will start targeting those systems. Because of compatibility and 24-hour operating issues, many systems remain in the factory default version and never upgrade during years of use. This is one of the reasons that makes OT devices under high risk.

IT is a double-edged sword. If we could use it properly, it not only can stabilize the manufacturing system but raise production efficiency. However, if we do not take the cyberthreats seriously, the hacker can easily penetrate the OT ethernet. Therefore, when the industrial plans to combine IT with OT, the integrity of network security, like device deployment, visibility of threat, data analysis, and the chosen software & hardware, should all be considered thoroughly.

The potential risk of OT environment

When the industrial plans to introduce IIoT, network security is the crucial point. For more than 20 years, ShareTech dedicates to providing user-friendly and secure products. We find out that many factories exist three high risks: risk of network connection, remote access, and terminal device usage. Therefore, ShareTech OT security solution provides full functions product to secure the OT environment, e.g., remote access control, authentication, OPC intrusion prevention.


ShareTech OT Security Solution

  • High-level hardware design

To secure connections, ShareTech OT security products support interfaces like Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G, serial port (RS232/RS485), and DI/DO. Besides, they are OT hardware formats that support din-rail, terminal block power supply, and wide temperature.

  • Enhance OT network traffic inspection

ShareTech OT security products can detect malicious traffic, for example, illegal remote access, malware infection of PC. With monitoring, detecting, and acting, ShareTech OT security products collect packets and signals from both IT and OT networks. Use DPI technology to analyze abnormal packets and decrease these incidents that can let hackers easily enter production lines.

  • Boundary defense

Industrial boundary defense appliances include industrial firewall, industrial gateway, unidirectional network device, etc. Every enterprise should deploy boundary defense appliances in each border. ShareTech suggests separate IT and OT environments avoid cluster infection when hackers invading.

  • Raise the visibility of cyberthreats
  1. Disclose the hidden threats
    Enhance the visibility of high-risk activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threat.
  2. Prevent Unknown Threat
    Protect the network through big data analysis, big data learning, and virtual patch.
  3. Quarantine Infected System
    Automatically quarantine the hacked system to prevent spreading out.

  • Remote access security

With more external ports means raising the exposure risk. Rather than using port connection, IPSec VPN is the best way to build a secure VPN connection, no matter using dynamic IP or static one.


  • Multiple layers of defense

Administrators seldom notice the anomaly of devices or the penetration of hackers if the devices can operate normally. This makes hackers easy to attack. In the IT environment, people usually let all the traffic in and block specific services only. However, in the OT environment, allowlist should be implied. Only those applications and services that are on the list can operate to protect those OT appliances actively.

  • OPC intrusion prevention

Collect all the packets from both IT and OT networks and use deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to verify and analyze. According to these abnormal traffics, ShareTech OT security device will generate related logs. Through these logs, administrators can easily make all the information of the events under control and can follow up afterward.

  • Virtual Patch Protection

To avoid zero-day attack, ShareTech OT security device equips with virtual patch function. When your devices are out of maintenance and exist lots of vulnerabilities, Virtual Patch will help you block all the threats.

  • Big data analytics—Dashboard

From the data of both IT and OT devices, ShareTech OT security device analyzes and generates a dashboard. This can help administrators easily understand the network security condition of the factory. If a cybersecurity incident happens, the dashboard will demonstrate the process and results. Besides, the dashboard will also show the operating situation of the devices and make the potential risk stand out.

  • OT Cloud Management Platform: rapid deployment, simple management, and easy maintenance

Even encounter complicated OT networks, with one single platform, ShareTech Cloud Management Platform makes network management easier.

What makes ShareTech Cloud Management Platform different?

  • Fully present operating status of OT devices.
  • Support industrial protocols.
  • Provide real-time monitor and instant alarm notification.
  • Backup and restore configuration.
  • Support USB instant recovery.
  • Support central management system (CMS).

Application Environments

  1. Manufactories

With many devices deploy around the world, industrial 4.0 is a big challenge for manufactories.

  1. Intelligent plant (ICS & medical care institutions)

The intelligent plant brings chances and benefits, but it also brings risks and threats. To obtain security and efficiency, measures preventing cyberthreats are also essential.

  1. Critical Infrastructure (water, electricity, and power source)

The protection of critical infrastructure can assure not only economic security but the life safety of its staff members. It is convenient using remote access and monitor. However, enhance security is also crucial.