The fact that email has great importance in modern business communication is undeniable. ShareTech mail server preserves previous mail server features to install in minutes, virus-free and spam-free protection, multiple domains, mobile device synchronization, and complete mail backup to manage nuisance traffic and handle attacks hidden in bulk email. In order to keep up with the fast-growing diverse applications, MS series has the most advanced cross-platform collaboration features to benefit both administrators and users. It is a unified communication platform offer comprehensive solutions. ShareTech manages to maintain four important themes (security, filtering, record & backup, and cloud) to offer clients more choices and optimize business productivity and efficiency.


Increased Effectiveness of Mail Security

  Supports on 64-bit OS 3.0, high-performance x86 server platform optimized email solutions

  Employs multi-layered spam filtering for email security

  Uses the Clam AV anti-virus engine, and multi-layered spam filtering for email security. Additional Kaspersky module can be purchased for advanced security.

  Distributes server environments to use a single domain

          Flexible account authorization options to transfer duties with ease

  Supports IPv4/ v6 Dual Stack

  Users can authenticate email from addresses to see if it is the original message content from the host

  General disclaimers can be stamped on outgoing email by centrally managing users’ signatures

Mail Traffic Auditing (Optional) and Monitoring

  Content-level filtering to enforce corporate email policy to be in place for employees

  Provides specific group policies for departments to use email more effectively

  Provides multiple filtering mechanisms to protect sensitive personal information from leakage  (Optional)

  Policy-based email auditing for inbound or outbound email 

Record-Based Mail Backup and Restore

  Records content of all emails and provides fast lookup

  Automatic backup can be scheduled and performed

  Disaster recovery system provides full data backup and restores capabilities.

  Protects business data with Offsite Backup

  Supports High Availability (HA) to continue service when system components fail

Personal Webmail Use

  Mailbox quota can reach 10G for a single user

  Creates accounts by using account application which accounts can be enabled right after your registration being activated

  Mail APP syncs contacts and calendars with a smartphone

  Users can easily access all Cloud HDD (shared folders)

  Events can be scheduled in both personal and group calendars

  Delayed email delivery to avoid sending accidentally embarrassing messages