ShareTech HiGuard Series offers an all-around security appliance best suited to deployments in retail stores, branch offices, and smaller business environments. The desktop solution provides substantial benefits that allow businesses to reduce IT costs, deploy faster, and save physical space. A rich set of security services can deliver protection to the smallest unit of an organization, which is not less critical than headquarters. HiGuard VI has high-reliability storage and memory space to maximize its performance, supports USB 3.2 ports, and provides 3G/4G LTE USB as a WAN fail-over backup. Based on the zero trust principles, the software system is designed to prevent data breaches. In addition to basic firewall features, it also offers an extraordinary range of security features such as VPN connections (IPSec and SSL), gateway security protection (IPS, Sandstorm IP, SYN Flood protection), 2FA (user accounts, authentication, and SSL VPN), collaborative controls (switches and wireless APs), intuitive management (URL/APP control and database, bandwidth control, user online behavior, and load balancing), etc. 

HiGuard Series provides an on-premises CRM platform (Client-Side) allowing admins to monitor operating status via UTM. Moreover, Eye Cloud, a cloud-based platform, provides centralized management of ShareTech-branded devices. The system administrator can maintain appliances efficiently, expand a view to multi-region edge switches and wireless APs, and receive an alert when an anomaly is detected.






Gateway Security

VPN Secure Tunnels

2FA & Behavior Analysis

Dashboard Panel

X86 Dual-Core

Memory-Optimized Storage

w   IPSec/SSL site-to-site and remote access VPN

w   Virus Engine

w   IPS

w   Sandstorm IP

w   SYN Flood Protection

w   2FA

w   QoS/Flow/APP Control

w   Co-Defense & AP Mgmt.

w   Client-Side CRM

w   Eye Cloud Mgmt. 

w   4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

w   4G RAM & 32G Storage

w   Intel Dual-Core CPU

w   NAT reaches 1.9 Gbps

w   Offline Signature Update

USB Recovery