The security features of traditional IT solutions are designed primarily for business network operations. Suppose business-grade firewalls are placed within industrial networks that Industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA are highly required, appliances are not suitable to operate in the harsh industrial environments.

To cooperate with programmable logic controllers (PLC), RTU, and other automatic controller devices, ShareTech has launched the first OT security series for OT environments (extreme environments of high temperature and humid ambient). OTS-600 is an integrated OT security appliance maintaining ICS, healthcare, and infrastructure secure and stable. 

OTS-600, a fanless desktop that supports LAN bypass function, can be integrated sustainability into business networks. It supports ICS protocols and delivers specialized threat protection such as deep packet inspection (DPI), allowlist, accountability, encrypted traffic inspection, virtual patch, OPC intrusion prevention, and authentication to control industrial networks against malicious attacks.


Vulnerability in the OT Environments

   Grey area in the OT environments: Unknown devices and connections

   Insecure identification: Defects from software design and implementation

   Insecure protocols: Data not encrypted

   Devices with inadequate security: Protection not available

   Insecure third-party libraries: supply chain attack and infection





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